When it comes to footwear not only is comforts an important factor, consumers are also taking into account the quality and safety of the shoe when making the purchasing decision. From the shoe’s performance and durability to toxic chemicals and safety requirements, these are all important factors that must not be overlooked.   

STC is a SATRA accredited testing laboratory with extensive experience in leather and footwear testing. We provide our customers consistent quality assurance and peace of mind that their products are safety compliant and ready for the market.

Our comprehensive testing capabilities extends to all types of leather products and footwear including children’s, athletic, and leather shoes.


Our Leather & Footwear Testing services include:


Leather Testing

  • Leather Identification
  • Flex Endurance Performance of Leather


Physical Performance Evaluation - Whole Shoe, Upper Insole & Outsole

  • Slip Resistance Testing
  • Hazardous Chemicals Analysis
  • Waterproof Testing
  • Washability Testing
  • Flammability Testing


For more information about our Leather & Footwear Testing services, please feel free to contact us.