At STC, our material testing services for papers and packaging materials is in accordance to ISTA guidelines to help ensure that products are safety transported to their destinations. Our material testing services also extends to cover a wide range of different consumer product materials testing and can offer tailor made testing solutions to meet your specific product testing needs. 


Our Material Testing services include:


Paper & Packaging (ISTA)

  •  Box Certification
  •  Conditioning Testing
  •  Physical & Mechanical Testing (GB/T, ISO, TAPPI)
  •  Transit Testing - Compression, Drop & Vibration (ASTM D642, ISTA) 


Consumer Product Materials

  • Umbrella Testing (ASTM D4112)
  • Condom Testing (BS EN ISO 4074)
  • Tissue Paper Testing (BS EN ISO 12625)
  • Etc.  


For more information about our Material Testing services, please feel free to contact us.