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Helping our clients to source reliable suppliers and improve their Quality Management System.

Imagine : An overseas buyer wants to place an order for 10,000 radio sets with a company based in Hong Kong. However, the buyer does not have the resources to visit the company’s factory in China or other Asian countries to verify that the factory is capable of filling the order with the required cost and quality.


For many companies in such situation, STC has a ready-made solution — the services of Hong Kong Inspection Company (HKIC). Through HKIC, overseas customers can place an order without worrying that we will be there to provide a full range of auditing and inspection services for a wide variety of consumer products.

Typically, HKIC will conduct initial factory inspection, inline production checks, and final random inspection when the goods are produced. Through the independent third-party reports we offer, we have helped many overseas companies to set up supply chains in China, and the inspected Chinese companies can manage their quality management system better.

Inspection services cover apparel, toys, bags, electrical and electronic products, watches and clocks, footwear, cosmetic and sundry products. We also provide factory audit services, such as Code of Conduct (COC), Quality Audit and Social Audit.

Moreover, we cooperate with internationally recognized inspection bodies in Asia, Europe and the USA, which enable us to satisfy any inspection demand with high efficiency and competitive pricing. Through our agreements with international certification bodies, we can test locally-made products in Hong Kong, mainland China or Germany, explain the technical requirements, and prepare reports for certification in overseas markets — a far more efficient and convenient solution for local manufacturers.

Conversely, overseas manufacturers who wish to sell in Hong Kong or mainland markets can also come to us for advice on meeting local certification requirements.

We will continue to focus on Hong Kong and China Market, at the same time we are also looking to expand our customer base to serve customers in South America, Eastern Europe and Australia. Factory audits and on-site inspection services will also be extended to countries and areas such as Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and South Korea.

As another new initiative for the coming year, we plan to expand our sampling and auditing services.

Hong Kong Inspection Company Limited, a subsidiary company of STC, provides a wide variety of inspection services for all types of consumer products including garment, toys, bag, footwear, electrical, electronic, watch and clock and sundry products. We also provide factory audit services, such as Code of Conduct, Quality Audit and Social Audit.

We have a worldwide network of co-operation with inspection bodies in Asia, Europe and USA, which enables us to satisfy worldwide inspection demands with efficiency and competitive pricing.

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