STC Group, Pharmaceutical Products Testing


As the standards of living increase, consumer demand for health, medical and beauty products continue to grow along with their product safety and quality concerns. Pharmaceutical testing plays an imperative role in the design, formulation, development and manufacturing of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics products, and etc. In order to ensure that these products are safe to use and quality is to consumer expectations, pharmaceutical testing is absolutely crucial.   

STC’s expertise in pharmaceutical testing can help ensure that products meet safety and quality requirements through evidence-based assay and identification methods along with toxicity assessments and stability testing in accordance to pharmacopeia (an official publication containing a list of medicinal drugs with their effects and directions for use).

STC’s pharmaceutical testing service also extends to cover Chinese and herbal medicine testing. As an accredited laboratory, STC’s testing capabilities includes the full list of mandatory testing requirements for all proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) stipulated by the Department of Health in Hong Kong to ensure safety and quality.

*Under the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, all pCm must be registered before being imported, manufactured or distributed in Hong Kong.*


Our Pharmaceutical Testing services include:


Proprietary Chinese Medicine (pCm) Safety Testing

  • Pesticides Residues (e.g. Aldrin, Chlordane, DDT, Endrin, etc.)
  • Microbial Limit (e.g. total bacteria count, molds & yeasts count, etc.)
  • Issuance of Summary Report on Product Safety Document


Product Quality & Safety Testing

  • Assay and Identification of Active Ingredients in pCm
  • Microbial Limit (e.g. total bacteria count, molds & yeasts count, etc.)
  • General Physical Testing (e.g. determination of water, disintegration test, filling, packing variation, size of granules, etc)


Toxicity & Biocompatibility Assessment

  • Systemic Toxicity (Acute, Sub-Chronic and Chronic)
  • Local Toxicity (Irritation and Skin Sensitization)
  • In-vitro Cytotoxicity
  • Genotoxicity, Carcinogenicity and Reproductive Toxicity


Pharmaceutical Adulterants Screening

  • Men’s Drugs
  • Slimming Drugs
  • Steroids
  • Sex Hormones
  • Analgesic Drugs
  • Drugs for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar levels


Stability Testing

  • Conducted in General, Real-Time and Accelerated manner


Method Validation (Assay / Identification)

  • Applicable to known or characteristic constituents in finished products


Pharmacopeia Monograph

  • Compliance Testing stipulated in British, US, Japan, EU and China Pharmacopeia monograp


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