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Having appealing stationery may be important for pupils to finish their homework. However, what matters more is whether the stationery products, especially those use by young learners, are in compliance with relevant quality and safety standards.

Children may be vulnerable to their stationery items. For example, drawing instruments like crayons, which contain excess lead, pose a chemical threat to young children who may eat or chew on them. In addition, kids who use pencil sharpeners with sharp-edge razor blade may cut themselves on the skin.


STC offers a wide range of stationery and school item testing services to ensure safety and compliance with relevent standards and regulations for products such as: 

  • Writing Instruments (Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Markers, etc.)
  • Drawing Instruments (Crayons, Paints, Pencil Sharpeners, Rulers, Erasers, etc.)
  • Paper Products (Papers/Cards, Books, Notebooks, Calendars, etc.)
  • Desktop Accessories (Scissors, Staplers, Hole Punchers, Paper Cutters, Adhesives, Tapes, etc.)
  • Postage and Packaging (Envelopes, Plastics, etc.)


International Standards

  • Global (ISO 11540)
  • American (ASTM, LHAMA)
  • British (BS 7272)
  • Chinese (GB 21027)
  • European (EN 71 & REACH, Toxicological Risk Assessment)
  • Japanese (JIS)


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