Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre – STC was established in 1963 as Hong Kong’s first independent and not-for-profit Testing, Inspection and Certification organization.  Committed to providing professional, reliable and comprehensive services, STC is accredited by HOKLAS, CNAS, DAkkS, CPSC, SATRA, LUCIDEON, JTA and MHLW, and is the first approved non-governmental laboratory undertaking China Compulsory Certification CCC testing in Hong Kong and mainland China.



Established in 2005 as STC’s nerve centre in Mainland China, STC Dongguan is an internationally recognized, world-class testing laboratory featuring state-of-the-art testing equipment and facilities of over 35,000 m².  Offering extensive testing and certification services for a wide range of product categories, STC Dongguan is a Certification Body approved by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) and is the first non-governmental laboratory in China authorized to perform China Compulsory Certification CCC testing and certification services.



Located in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, STC Shanghai was established in 2005 to better serve customers in the Yangtze River Delta.  Originally only a textile and material product testing laboratory, STC Shanghai has broadened and developed its testing capabilities to also provide comprehensive testing services for toys and children’s products, food and chemical products, electrical and electronic products, and pharmaceutical and medical device products in order to meet growing demands and the needs of different industries.  Aside from STC Dongguan, STC Shanghai is also authorized to carry out China Compulsory Certification CCC testing and certification services.



STC Changzhou was established in 2015 through the acquisition of CETC (Changzhou Electronic Product Quality Supervision & Inspection Co., Ltd.) (named STC (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. since 2020).  As an accredited testing laboratory of China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) and China National Accreditation Service (CNAS), STC Changzhou is qualified to perform comprehensive testing on products including but not limited to electronic parts, socket plugs, buzzers, mobile phone batteries, lighting equipment, audio visual equipment, information technology equipment and household electrical appliances.  Testing expertise of Microtek Changzhou Laboratories - a subsidiary company of STC Changzhou and a contract testing laboratory of China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) were also acquired allowing STC to offer printed circuit boards, copper-clad laminates and plastics testing services to meet the needs of high-technology, electrical and electronic industries in the Yangtze River Delta.



As a commitment to meeting global trade and manufacturing demands, STC Vietnam was established in 2013 to strengthen STC’s global network and to better serve the growing number of businesses expanding their manufacturing facilities to various parts of South East Asia.  STC Vietnam initially specialized in extensive textile and apparel testing services, and in 2018, STC Vietnam’s testing capabilities expanded to also include accredited toy testing services to provide convenient, local, reliable and comprehensive one-stop Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions to meet different industries and manufacturing needs. 



STC is the first overseas laboratory to be approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) and the Japan Toy Association (JTA) as an officially designated foreign Testing and Certification Body.  For over 30 years, STC has been assisting Japanese customers from a diverse range of industries in ensuring product safety and quality.  To meet the growing demands of Japanese industries, STC Japan was established in 2015 and has recently moved to its new office in Tokyo to enhance STC’s capabilities and provide local technical support and customer services.



STC USA LLC was founded in 2000 as Benchmark Laboratories LLC, originally testing plastic resins for physical and chemical properties.   In 2011 Benchmark became accredited to ISO 17025 and approved by the CPSC for CPSIA testing of lead and other metals in paints and substrates, and phthalates.  After being acquired by STC in February of 2017, Benchmark expanded its accredited scope of testing to include ASTM F963-17 toy testing and ASTM F2923-14 children’s jewelry testing, and expanded its physical presence with a state-of-the-art laboratory in Wayne, New Jersey.  The renaming of Benchmark is our strategic move to establish a global corporate identity for the STC group, now operating in Asia, Europe and North America.  As a proud member of the STC group, STC USA LLC is committed to serving our customers by providing reliable, professional and comprehensive Testing, Inspection and Certification services to fulfil your every need.  STC USA is focused on the highest quality testing combined with working with our customers to keep their testing costs as low as possible.  This includes combination testing, component testing where applicable, avoiding over-testing, and of course, good prices.  We have also successfully spoken to retailers when they requested testing that was not needed.



In 2011, PKM electronic GmbH (named STC Germany GmbH since 2020) - a leading EMC, Radio and electrical safety testing laboratory located closed to Munich - was acquired by STC.  Located in the heart of Europe, the laboratory became STC’s first offshore establishment.  STC Germany is not only a designated European Notified Body (NB) but also the only European CB Testing Laboratory approved by the National Certification Body CQC (China Quality Certification Centre).  STC Germany can provide testing and certification services for companies targeting the vast European Market and effectively monitor any changes to European standards and regulations.



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