In cooperation with National Technical Systems (NTS) located in the United States, we are pleased to announce that STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) has completed the agreement with NTS to launch the unique USB compliance testing service here in Hong Kong.

We tend to serve all Hong Kong, China and overseas device manufacturers to get the USB logo as well as pre-compliance test and lab rental for debugging the USB products.

With fast turn around time, the compliance test can be completed within a week, while certification application may take longer (dependent on the USB-IF acceptance duration). STC is a one-stop shop for USB, EMC, FCC, Energy efficiency and Electrical Safety testing.

Any products that come with USB port(s) such as electronic devices, audio video products, IT products, etc. are subject to USB testing if you want to mark the USB logo on the product (provided that the product meets USB-IF guidelines).

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About NTS

With the rapid development and popularization of the use of USB technology, it is important to ensure your products meet with USB specifications before releasing into the market. To fulfill the needs and demands for different industries, STC has formed a partnership with National Technical Systems (NTS) to provide comprehensive USB compliance testing services in Hong Kong.

Scope of USB Testing Services

With well-conditioned laboratory and facilities for USB compliance testing equipped with a team of experienced electrical and electronic engineers, tests are in full compliance with USB-IF Compliance Program, which provides reasonable measures of acceptability. Products that pass this level of acceptability are added to the Integrators List and have the right to license with USB-IF Logo provided that the vendor complies with the USB-IF guidelines (e.g. trademark guidelines).

The following test services on USB are available (Perform tests at NTS and/or NTS/HKSTC):

Product High-Speed, Full-Speed and Low-Speed
  National Technical Systems (NTS) NTS/HKSTC – Hong Kong
Peripheral  X X
Host Add-In  X  
Hubs X  
Systems X  
Silicon Building  X X
Cable Assemblies X  
Connectors X  
USB On-The-Go X  

What Kinds of Products can apply for the USB Compliance Test?

Add-in Host Adapters Mobile Phones
Audio Modems/ Broadband
Bluetooth Monitors/ Display Devices
CDs/ DVDs Notebooks
Cable Assemblies & Connectors PDA
Cable Assemblies Point of Sale Devices
Cameras Printers
Desktops Scanners
Game Devices Speakers
Hard Drives Telephones
I / O Adapters  Toys
Media Card Readers And more ...


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Optional “Attend” Service and Debug Testing
  • Added Value Service (Optional)
  • Environmental USB Testing Capabilities
  • One-stop-shop for USB, EMC, FCC, Energy efficiency and Electrical Safety testing
  • Onshore/Offshore Validation
  • Additional Compatibility / Interoperability Test Capabilities