STC USA LLC was founded in 2000 as Benchmark Laboratories LLC , originally testing plastic resins for physical and chemical properties. In 2011, it became accredited and approved by the CPSC  for CPSIA testing of lead, other metals, and phthalates, and has expanded their scope multiple times since.  Presently STC USA LLC is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by PJLA .

After being acquired by STC in February of 2017 , Benchmark expanded its accredited scope of testing to include ASTM F963-17 toy testing and ASTM F2923-14 children’s jewelry testing, and expanded its physical presence with a state-of-the-art laboratory in Wayne, New Jersey. 

The renaming of Benchmark is part of our effort to establish a single global corporate identity for the STC group, now operating in Asia, Europe and the USA. As a proud member of the STC group, STC USA LLC is committed to serving our customers by providing reliable, professional and comprehensive Testing, Inspection and Certification services to fulfill your every need. 

STC USA is focused on the highest quality testing combined with working with our customers to keep their testing costs as low as possible.  This includes combination testing, component testing where applicable, avoiding over-testing, and of course, good prices.  We have also successfully spoken to retailers when they requested testing that was not needed.

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Scope of Services


Toys and Children’s Products

STC USA is poised to test your toys and children’s products to the relevant standards, be it US, Canadian, European or other national or state standards.  Whether you are testing dolls, board games, balls, activity centers or teethers or any other toy or children’s product, we have the technical expertise and experience to guide you through the testing process and provide you with the test reports that you need.


Children’s Jewelry

More and more retailers are demanding that their jewelry suppliers meet the children’s jewelry regulations before they will sell their products.  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, all need to meet US and other countries safety standards.  STC has the technical expertise and experience to guide you through the testing process and provide you with the test reports that you need.


California Proposition 65

Many companies find Prop 65 to be overwhelming, with over 800 restricted chemicals.  Let us advise you how to think about and decide what to test for, and then offer you great pricing on this testing. 


Amazon sellers

Amazon is insisting more and more that its sellers meet mandatory testing requirements, often with only a short time to get the testing done before taking down their account.  CPSIA , CPSA , ASTM F963-17 , F2923-14 , and more.  Let us guide you how to meet the requirements quickly and with as least expense as possible. 


Borders and Customs problems

The US government checks incoming merchandise to make sure it meets US testing requirements.  If your merchandise has been seized and warehoused at your expense contact us to help you get to a better place.  Better yet, contact us before this happens.  The expensive and delays in delivering your merchandise to your customer are immense once the government has seized them. 


Food Contact Items

Need to test your food contact items to FDA or California Prop 65 standards, or other countries’ standards.  We can do this testing for you for a lot less than you think.


Textiles and Leather Testing

We have extensive textile testing labs for both regulatory and industry testing.  Give us a call to have your testing done expertly, quickly and inexpensively. 


Electrical Testing

We can test your electrical products to meet relevant safety standards and RF requirements, e.g. FCC for the US, IC for Canada, EMC & RED for Europe and other countries.  STC is accredited for a large range of electrical testing.  We can advise you how to save money testing your electrical items. 


CCC (China Compulsory Certificate)

Are you trying to sell into the largest consumer base in the world?  Let us guide you quickly through the required testing to sell in the Chinese market.  STC is the first non-governmental lab to be authorized to perform the CCC tests.  Presently STC is approved for toys, AV, IT and lighting products.  More items are being added to the list. 




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