CPSC Updated US Play Yard Mandatory Standard


On 19 August 2013, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a final rule -16 CFR 1221 amending the play yard mandatory standard. According to the new amendment, all play yards manufactured or imported into the US on or after 19 February 2014 shall comply with ASTM F406-13 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs/Play Yards, except the provisions that are specifically applicable to non-full-size cribs. In ASTM F406-13, the hazards associated with misassembly of play yard bassinet accessories were addressed. Compliance to the new requirements can be achieved through one of the followings: 1) All accessory supporting components are permanently attached to the bassinet / cradle accessories; OR 2) Misassemblies of any key structural elements make it obvious to the user (parent or caregiver) that the bassinet accessories are not properly assembled or attached if the accessory supporting components are not permanently attached to the bassinet / cradle accessories. Through conducting the “catastrophic failure test”, a play yard can be judged as noncompliant with the standard when… 1) The bassinet/cradle accessories collapse completely and are not able to support a four-pound test mass; OR 2) The sleep surface tilts ≥ 30°, when the test mass is placed in the play yard. Play Yard A play yard, also called as a play pen or a travel crib, with sides made of mesh or fabric is designed for children to play or to sleep inside. It can be folded for storage or travel. Tel: +852 2666 1817 / 2666 1863 / 2666 1895 Fax: +852 2663 9612 E-mail: tcd@hkstc.org Website: www.stc-group.org The information contained in this newsletter is obtained from sources believed to be accurate to the best knowledge of the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Limited. It is distributed without warranty, representation, inducement or license of any kind and the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Limited does not assume any legal responsibility for use or reliance upon same.