Application procedure of CCC and CQC Mark

26 Aug 2016

CCC Mark
Administered by the Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA), the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) Mark is mandatory for a wide range of manufactured products before being exported to or sold in the People’s Republic of China. It came into fully effective on 1st May, 2003.The CCC Mark is required for a product catalogue of 146 product subjects and divides into 22 categories, including household appliance, audio-video frequency equipment, information technology equipment, medical apparatus, lighting equipment, electric wires and cables. Any products covered by the catalogue needs to acquire the CCC mark before it can be marketed, imported, or used for commercial purposes in China.

CQC Mark
Beyond the compulsory certification, the China Quality Certification (CQC) Mark is an optional product certification marking scheme for products before being exported to or sold in the China market, and increases the acceptance of these products by the customers. Products with CQC Mark are indicated that they have conformed to the related standards and requirements, such as quality, safety, environment protection and performance. Certification for CQC Mark covers more than 500 kinds of products among 55 categories, including electronic components, electric accessories, lighting electric appliance and accessories, power equipment and so on. Besides, the CQC Mark would not be certificated products under CCC Mark product catalogue.