Flammability test on Textiles – JIS L1091

23 Mar 2016

Japan has long been famous for good quality and fashionable clothing and related textile products. In recent years, products with features of light weight, waterproofing, wind-stopping and stain resistance attained unprecedented popularity in the industry. In addition, the propensity for textiles to catch fire is also a significant parameter. Specifically, the difficulty of ignition, spread or extent of burning and rate of combustion are critical elements in assessing the suitability of textiles for specific end uses, for example, children’s nightwear, work wear, uniforms, upholstery fabrics, carpets and curtains. Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) perform tests on flammability of textiles, following Japanese Industrial Standard JIS L1091, to rate flammability on the basis of the results obtained by the four test methods.