New Services on Material Analysis

23 Mar 2016

The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd (STC) provides advanced technology of rapid material analysis. SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) with EDS (Energy Dispersive-Spectrometry) System is a tool for microstructure characterizing in material science. It can visualize true surface of both conducting and non-conducting materials such as metal, aluminum, stone, glass, circuit board, plastic, leather, fabric, etc. for in-depth analysis. Precise measurement of material thickness, fiber diameter, plastic and coating thickness as well as dimensions of visible compounds can be obtained. This is important for material research and the researcher can easily see the morphology and composition of features that they are interested in. Besides, the manufacturers may want to have more information about the composition and micro features of the materials, and it may help in this aspect by carrying out in-depth analysis on the materials with the help of this advance technology.