STC Accreditation on 16 CFR 1630 / 16 CFR 1631 Carpets and Rugs Testing

31 Mar 2016

Carpets and rugs are popular elements in interior design of modern apartments. Therefore it is worth mentioning that flammability of such decoration is an important determinant of the flammability of the indoor spaces. The use of a less flammable textile creates a safer place because both carpets and rugs have a large influence on spread of flame, smoke generation, toxic gas evolution and burning. 16 CFR 1630 / 1631 tests the surface flammability of carpets and rugs under standard small source of ignition. With more than 50 years of testing and certification experience, STC is the ideal centre to help meet your needs at the international standards. STC is also accredited by HOKLAS and registered in CPSC as accepted third party lab to perform 16 CFR 1630 / 1631 flammability testing. Manufacturers, importers and private labelers shall ensure their products are in compliance with above standards by an independent third-party testing laboratory.