Unified EMC Standard EN 55032:2012 (Emissions) for all Audio, Video, IT and Multimedia products to be effective on 5 March 2017!


Why it is Important Because this is the much discussed SINGLE Standard replacing THREE MAJOR standards: - EN55013 – Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment - EN55022 – Information technology equipment - EN55103-1 Electromagnetic compatibility – product family standard for audio, video, audio-video and entertainment lighting apparatus for professional use – part 1: Emissions. Notified Body Certificate is much preferred for compliance verification Why it is Urgent As from 5 March 2017 onwards, the "Old Standards" will cease to give presumption of conformity for the entry to the EU market! In other words, you have to get your products re-tested NOW if you wish to sell them after the above-mentioned due date! There are many changes in testing requirements affecting the continuous compliance of your products! Why STC STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) has gained accreditation to perform EN55032 testing and wholly owns one of the listed Notified Body in Germany, PKM electronic GmbH (NB 2522), for new EMC and RED Directives to ensure your products comply with the new requirements! Act fast! To ensure your electronic products can be imported into the EU market after the new Standard going effective, please contact us as soon as possible!


[See PDF version for more information]