Canada Toys Regulations Amended


On November 25, 2016, Regulation SOR/2016-302 was published by Canada Gazette to amend the Toys Regulations SOR/2011-17. Below is a summary of the major amendments: 1. Added definitions of “Good scientific practices” and “Human experience data” into section 1. 2. Made editorial changes and clarifications for below sections while the requirements remain the same: - Section 7: Small parts - Section 26: Corrosive, irritant or sensitizing substances - Section 29: Stuffing 3. Removed the followings from Section 27: - Permission for plastic material of toys for children less than three years of age to contain substances that are acceptable for use in food packaging materials and food containers - Prohibition of using phthalate to manufacture soft vinyl toys for children less than three years of age because the Phthalates Regulations are already in place to cover this requirement. 4. Repealed the following battery requirement and test method: - Section 43: Leakage - Schedule 9: Test Method for Batteries Used in Toys 5. Adopted good scientific practices for determining toxicity in Schedule 2 and human experience date as the criteria for determining irritation, corrosion and sensitization of substances in Schedule 3. The amendments took effect on November 25, 2016. No significant change or impacts were imposed on the obligations of manufacturers.


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