Japanese baby bottle found to contain Bisphenol A


Taiwan authorities recently tested baby bottles and discovered that samples of a certain Japanese brand contained Bisphenol A in violation of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation. The manufacturer was ordered to recall or destroy the shipment. In Hong Kong, the brand's distributor has taken the product off shelves, while the Customs Department is actively on the case. The effects of Bisphenol A on health have been a major consumer concern, as it has long been proved to be an endocrine disrupting chemical (environmental hormone) affecting the reproductive system. There are a number of researches under way to find out if Bisphenol A is causing cancer or other adverse effects on health. Bisphenol A is commonly used in making food containers and toys. Because of its heat resistance, high transparency and toughness, it is widely used in the manufacturing of polycarbonate plastic products, including baby bottles, sports water bottles and toys. If used improperly, traces of residual Bisphenol A in the product could migrate to the food and then be absorbed by human body. The public concern over the safety of Bisphenol A has resulted in a ban on the import and sale of baby bottles containing the compound in Canada, the United States, France, Denmark, and China. Likewise, the EU also implemented the ban in June 2011. In addition, the EU (EU No.10 / 2011), Germany (LFGB) and Japan (Jetro) have also limited the amount of Bisphenol A in plastic food containers. Manufacturers should pay attention to the requirements for products containing Bisphenol A in the countries they export to. STC (The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre), a not-for-profit, independent testing, inspection and certification organization with over 50 years of experience in consumer product testing, provides comprehensive chemical testing services for manufacturers of food contact materials, including Bisphenol A and food-grade testing to the standards of the European Union, the United States, Japan, and China, among other places.


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