When it comes to Children’s & Juvenile products, mechanical and material safety are of paramount importance to both parents and their kids. Physical testing is performed to ensure that there are no hazardous sharp edges, sharp points and small parts, reducing the potential hazards such as scissoring, shearing, pinching, protrusions, coil springs, loose joints, holes, openings and closings.

In addition, materials used should be safe in nature. For instance, base materials and paint of juvenile products should not contain lead or any other toxic substances dangerous to the health and development of children; the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) should be prohibited in drinking bottles or articles intended for use by children.


FEEDING Baby Dummies, Baby Soother Holder, Bottle Teats, Children’s Cutlery and Feeding Utensils
OUTTING Baby Carrier, Safety Harnesses, Wheeled Child Conveyances
SITTING Baby Walker, Children’s High Chairs and Multipurpose High Chairs for Domestic Use
SLEEPING Bunk Bed for Domestic Use, Carry Cots and Similar Handled Products and Stands, Children’s Cots for Domestic Use
CARING Child Safety Barriers for Domestic Use, Playpens for Domestic Use
OTHER Changing Units, Children’s Sunglasses, Children’s Paints

Children’s & Juvenile products testings are performed in accordance with national standards including but not limited to:

Australia AS 2432, AS/NZS 4220, AS/NZS 2172, AS/NZS 2088, AS/NZS ISO 8124-3 & AS/NZS1067
Europe EN 1400, EN 12586, EN 1273, EN 13209, EN 14350, EN 747, EN 12221, EN 1466, EN1930, EN 716:2008, EN 71-1, EN 14988, EN 13210, EN 12227, EN 1888, EN 1836 & EN 14372
New Zealand AS/NZS 4220, AS/NZS 2172, AS/NZS 2088, AS/NZS ISO 8124-3 & AS/NZS 1067
United Kingdom BS EN 1400, BS EN 12586, BS EN 1273, BS EN 13209, BS EN 14350, BS EN 747, BSEN 12221, BS EN 1466, BS EN 1930, BS EN 716, BS EN 14988, BS EN 13210, BS EN12227, BS EN 1888, BS EN 71-3, BS EN 1836 & BS EN 14372
USA ASTM F963, ASTM F977, ASTM F2236, ASTM F1427, ASTM F2050, ASTM F1004, ASTM F1169, ASTM F404, ASTM F406, ASTM F833, ASTM F963 & ASTM Z80.3