European Standard EN 71-8:2018 Coming into Effect in July 2018

EN 71-8:2018, an updated version of the European Standard on Safety of Toys Part 8: Activity Toys for Domestic Use, was approved by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on 15 October, 2017. Superseding the previous version EN71-8:2011, EN 71-8:2018 shall become a national standard of the CEN member states by endorsement no later than July 2018. EN 71-8:2018 specifies requirements and test methods for activity toys for domestic use often attached to or incorporating a crossbeam, and similar toys intended for children under 14 years to play on or in and often intended to bear the mass of one or more children. Compared to the 2011 version, major modifications in EN 71-8:2018 are as below: - List of exclusions from the scope and definitions of specific terms revised. (Clauses 1 & 3) - New requirement on water accumulation added to address “Drowning Hazards”, with those intended for water play being excluded from this requirement. (Clause 4.1.7) - Requirements for head, neck and finger entrapment updated. (Clauses 4.3.1 & 4.3.4) - New requirements for slides added: slides shall at least consist of a starting section, a sliding section and a run-out section; and junction between sliding section and run-out section shall be a continuous curve; a list of exclusions from this requirement added in Clause 4.5.1. (Clauses 4.5.1 & 4.5.4) - Requirements on impact from swing elements, geometry and design of swing elements modified. (Clauses & - New requirement on fall protection of swings with double seats added, with the height of fall protection setting at ≥ (150 ± 5) mm on 3 sides of seats. (Clause - Warning, marking and instructions requirements for paddling pools revised. (Clause 5.1.2) - Test condition as regards the number of users on slides for stability and strength tests, and test method as regards stability tests for slides and see saws updated. (Clauses 6.1 & 6.2) - New testing requirement under static strength added to ensure that the toy element / toy is not materially affected by the test equipment during the strength tests and that undamaged toy element/ toy shall be used for testing. (Clause 6.3.1) - Test method as regards strength test for swings with a crossbeam height of 1,200 mm or less above the ground updated. (Clause - Test methods for head and neck entrapment and for toggle test revised. (Clauses 6.5 & 6.6) - New test methods for measuring the height of fall protection of swings with double seats and for the examination of gaps between the swing seat and the fall protection added. (Clause 6.11) - Rationales in Annex A updated and additional literature and standards added in Bibliography.