STC provides safety and quality testing for pharmaceutical products. We are an accredited laboratory to provide all required tests for proprietary Chinese medicine registration according to the requirements of the Department of Health of Hong Kong.

Proprietary Chinese medicine safety test

  • Heavy metals and toxic elements
  • Microbial limit
  • Pesticide residues

Toxicity test

  • Acute toxicity test
  • Chronic toxicity test
  • Local toxicity test such as skin irritation test, skin toxicity test etc.

Quality test

  • Assay and Identification of the main ingredients in proprietary Chinese medicine
  • Microbial limit and general inspections

Stability test

  • Accelerated stability test
  • General stability test
  • Real time stability test

Method validation

To develop and validate the assay and identification test methods of known or characteristic constituent of the finished product.

Pharmacopeia monograph

To follow the British, US, Japan, EU and China Pharmacopeia monograph to perform the compliance test (e.g. assay, identification, microbial limit etc.)

Adulterants screening

To check the western drug adulterants in health supplements and proprietary Chinese medicines.