Sports help children develop physical strength, team spirit, fitness and self-esteem. However, no children are injury-proof without safe protective equipment and operating instructions. That is why it is crucial for sporting goods manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and distributors to strive for the highest standards in product quality and safety.

Sporting goods including children’s bicycles and helmets should comply with the relevant safety requirement as detailed under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 and be tested by a third party testing laboratory recognized by American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Related testing items available in STC are listed as follows:


  • Bicycle Helmets
  • Children Bicycles
    • Brake / Steering Testing
    • Saddles / Seat-pillars Testing
    • Frames and Front Fork Assembly Testing
    • Pedals Testing
    • Rims, Tyres and Tube Testing
  • Scooters
  • Rollers
  • Skateboards

Being one of the few testing organizations to provide helmets and bicycles testing per 16 CFR 1203 and 16 CFR 1512 accredited under CPSC & CNAS, STC offers professional, fast and accurate testing services upon different national standards.

Product Country & Region Standard
Bicycle Helmets Australia/ New Zealand AS/ NZS 2063
America 16 CFR 1203 / ASTM F1447
Europe EN 1078
Children Bicycles America 16 CFR 1512
China GB 14746/ ISO 8098
Europe EN 14765