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STC Webinar: China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for Toys and Electronics
14 Feb 2018

STC Webinar: China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for Toys and Electronics Date: April 4, 2018 Time: 12nn-1pm, EDT Registration: Please click here Event Details The webinar will open your door to the China market by introducing the requirements and application procedures for China Compulsory Certification (CCC). Description: To import, trade and sell toy and electronic products in China, it is mandatory for all manufacturers, traders and retailers to ensure their products are certified in accordance with CCC requirements. As the FIRST non-governmental lab in China approved for CCC testing, STC is the professional in the field, able to guide you into the China market. Audience: Anyone in the toy and electronics industry wishing to step into the China market including • Compliance officers and their staff • Designers of products intended for sale in China • Production managers responsible for Chinese factories Highlights of this webinar • Understand the current products that require a CCC • Legal requirements of CCC • How to prepare for the application process • What you need to do to comply and how to avoid unnecessary delays and failures Speaker: Norman Aronowitz Director of North America STC With over 30 years’ experience in the Toy, Sporting Goods and Juvenile products industries Mr. Aronowitz is spearheading the expansion of STC services in North America for testing, Inspections and customer service for all consumer product certifications for North American companies and their manufacturing facilities worldwide. About STC STC is the first independent, not-for-profit testing, inspection and certification organization in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1963, STC has been dedicated to providing professional, reliable and comprehensive testing and inspection services, and issuing the highest quality reports to ensure compliance with relevant technical and safety requirements while keeping pace with the development of trade and industry.

WPI’s Interactive Qualifying Project on Halal Certification supported by STC
08 Jan 2018

As one of the sponsors in Asia Pacific for the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) offered by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute WPI) in the United States, we are pleased to commence the year of 2018 by welcoming four students from WPI, Mr. Zubillaga, Ambrose, Rose and Ms. Rivas, for kick-starting a research project on Halal Certification. The IQP is one of the most distinctive elements of the WPI Plan and WPI’s signature project-based curriculum, giving every WPI student the experience of working in interdisciplinary teams to solve a problem or need that lies at the intersection of science and society. STC has been embracing corporate social responsibility for its actions towards the community especially for the ethnic minorities in the territory. It is indeed our privilege to support the research project titled “Halal Demand in Hong Kong” so as to investigate the availability of Halal products and importance of certification for the benefit of the ethnic minorities.” Ms. Candy Chan, Senior Manager of STC's Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Products Division, complimented these young adults on their passions for the project. “They have been immersing themselves into the Halal community, as far as I know, by patronizing Halal diners, visiting mosques for prayers and joining parties with local Indonesian workers. We are looking forward to the outcome of their project, as well as recommendations to improve Muslims community’s access to Halal consumer products.” said Chan.

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