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STC (Dongguan) Is Accredited to Undertake GC Testing
30 Jun 2022

【China, June 30 2022】STC’s laboratory in Dongguan has recently been accredited by CQC to undertake GC testing, as well as GC certification testing and consulting services for toy manufacturers and exports.

The GC certification is carried out under a Mutual Recognition Arrangement with the Gulf Cooperation Council, applicable to seven Gulf countries including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Republic of Yemen, Kingdom of Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman. There are 17 categories, a total of 211 subcategories of toys under GC certification, conforming to the Gulf region’s Toy Technical Specification (BD-131704-01), with the GC mark.

STC (Dongguan) has successfully become a designated testing laboratory for GC certification, which can provide a full range of toy GC testing services, assisting enterprises to launch qualified products promptly, and enhancing competitiveness in the various Gulf region markets.

Established in 2005 by STC, STC (Dongguan) is approved by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) in its establishment as an independent third-party organization in the field of product testing, inspection and certification.  Over the years, STC has been keeping abreast of industrial and trade development in the expansion of our global service network.  We are striving to provide industries with professional, reliable and comprehensive inspection and testing services through the provision of scientific, objective and fair testing reports, with an aim to safeguard consumers’ safety by ensuring technological and safety compliance of products with relevant standards.

About STC

Established in 1963 as an independent, not-for-profit organization over testing, inspection and certification, STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) offers a wide range of conformity assessment services on products covering Toys, Children’s Products, Textiles, Apparel, Footwear, Furniture, Electrical and Electronic Products, Medical Devices, Food as well as Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.  In 2012, STC became the first designated China Compulsory Certification (CCC) testing laboratory in Hong Kong, providing CCC testing services for manufacturers and importers from China and Hong Kong.  In 2014, STC (Dongguan) became one of the first designated CCC testing laboratories in China with foreign capital.  In 2015, STC (Dongguan) invested in building new laboratories for experimental animals, offering a full range of biocompatibility testing for medical devices manufacturers from China and the world.  It also obtained the accreditation from OECD GLP in 2019.  In 2020, the Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC), an independent products certification body under STC, was officially accepted by the International Electrotechnical Commission System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components and Certification Body (IECEE CB) as the National Certification Body (NCB) of China in Hong Kong.  This enables STC to issue both CB Test Reports and Certificates, offering one-stop CB certification services.  Over the years, STC has obtained numerous accreditations from international bodies, including CMA (China), CNAS (China), FCC (USA), CPSC (USA), Govmark (USA), IC (Canada), Lucideon (UK), SATRA (UK), Nemko (Norway) and CPSA (Japan), while being a Certification Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL) in IECEE-CB.  With these qualifications, STC has been established as one of the leading organizations in the testing and certification industry.  To meet growing global demand, not only has STC set up cutting-edge testing laboratories and offices in China’s major cities such as Dongguan, Shanghai, Changzhou and Guangxi, but it also expanded to Vietnam, Japan, USA and Germany with testing laboratories and offices set up.  Meanwhile, STC is actively developing its business scale to offer comprehensive, professional testing and inspection services for clients from all walks of life.

For more details about STC, please visit our website:

Media Contact:
Mr. Kevin Wang                               
Tel: +86 769 8111 9888 (ext.8633)                           

Business Cooperation:
Mr. Owen Huang                             
Tel: +86 769 8111 9888 (ext.8309)                          

International Tokyo Toy Show 2022
26 Apr 2022

STC will be joining International Tokyo Toy Show 2022.  See you there! 


Date:  16-17 Jun 2022

Venue:  Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Booth No.:  1-50


Contact us for details.

ASTRA's Marketplace & Academy 2022
11 Apr 2022

STC will be exhibiting at ASTRA's Marketplace & Academy 2022.


Date: 12-15 June 2022

Venue: Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, California, USA

Booth No: 1539


See you there!  Please contact us for details.

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